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Lulu Cohen is a media, marketing and event visionary with expertise in campaign development and original content creation. In 2006, she launched her own company, Lulu Cohen Media after working in music and entertainment and at various record labels for over 10 years.

When she was a teenager, her father, an Emmy winning producer for ABC-TV said to her "One day, you will be able to buy cannabis lights in stores across America and there will be change.” She never forgot that quote and believed in the importance of cannabis reform and the cannabis industry.

In 2014, she launched Rogue Arena which specializes in branding cannabis on a higher level. RA is a cannabis collective where ideas are developed, evaluated and delivered. RA builds, enhances and nurtures diverse brands; working within the spectrum of traditional, digital, social media and live/virtual event platforms.

Steeped in cannabis/CBD advocacy and nonprofit, Lulu partnered with Weedmaps and NORML in 2014 and recreated and produced Afroman’s original 2001 Grammy-nominated song, “Because I Got High." The new video “Because I Got High, Positive Remix" (released in 2014) raised awareness for cannabis legalization and accumulated over 15 million views, garnering massive media attention.

In early 2021, Lulu launched Culture Nation Media (CNM). CNM is dedicated to furthering the cannabis industry and related issues, based on racial justice and social equity. CNM addresses society as a whole, taking into account marginalized populations: BIPOC, immigrants, women, refugees, formerly incarcerated people and veterans who built cannabis culture and the industry. How can Hip-hop spark disruption? When music, art, entertainment and cannabis move in unison, it will be the blueprint for moral freedoms and rights for the disenfranchised. Culture Nation Media features intimate roundtable discussions that bring leading cannabis experts, entrepreneurs, artists/entertainers and advocates to the space to engage in real time conversations that will inform and enact meaningful change.

CNM offers curated music compilations that are integrated into monthly panel discussions to drive awareness. All panels are co-branded to media, targeted sponsors and nonprofit organizations to enrich, educate, drive policy change and entertain.

Lulu Cohen is a published cannabis journalist/influencer and has written stories for Cannabis & Tech Today, Yahoo Finance, Cannabis Tech, Weedmaps, Benzinga, Marijuana Venture, Dope and more.